Why You Should Start Running Solo

young fitness woman running on sunrise seaside boardwalk

Group running has many benefits. You get to chat with someone, keeping your runs lively and preventing it from becoming boring, you have someone to motivate you to continue running, and many other great benefits that can help you appreciate running even more.

But did you know that just like running with groups, running solo has its own special advantages as well?

If you’re used to running with your peers, it’s likely that the idea of switching to running by yourself makes you uncomfortable. However, you may actually be missing out on some fantastic perks running on your own has to offer.

When you run alone, you get to disconnect from all the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. You can enjoy having your personal time, dedicated to yourself and to no one else. This personal time can help you clear your mind for a while.

Moreover, when you run alone, you can focus more on the little aspects of your running technique that can have great impacts on your running performance such as your breathing, your posture, your mileage, and your speed. When you run with someone, chances are, you’re too busy talking to them that you are unable to monitor the important parts of your running.

Running with someone can be a great source of motivation in running; but if you run independently, you will learn to find ways to motivate yourself instead. You will develop strategies to encourage yourself to keep going in the absence of someone pushing you to work hard.

Running independently will allow you to change pace as you want, whenever you want it. If you have a running buddy, there’s a big chance that you’ll adjust to their pace. If you choose to run solo, you can vary the speed of your training and can even include Fartlek in your running routine.

If you continue to run solo regularly, you can develop a running practice while taking your time because you don’t have to worry about someone waiting for you. You can take as much time you need in warming up, you can run as much as you want, and you may stop as soon as you wish.

There are many advantages to running solo. You don’t even have to choose to run alone all the time, you can just do it every now and again to see how wonderful and useful it can be.

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